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US-2011234796-A1: System and Method for Automatically Merging Imagery to Provide Enhanced Situational Awareness patent, US-2011282658-A1: Method and Apparatus for Audio Source Separation patent, US-2011304969-A1: Flat panel display apparatus, mother substrate for flat panel display apparatuses, method of manufacturing the flat panel display apparatus, and method of manufacturing the mother substrate patent, US-2013149211-A1: Graphene oxide and graphite oxide catalysts and systems patent, US-2014031736-A1: Magnetic sensors and related systems and methods patent, US-2010110362-A1: Birefringent Polymer Film with Negative Optical Dispersion patent, US-2011066813-A1: Method And System For Local Data Sharing patent, US-2011177342-A1: Cured Organopolysiloxane Resin Film Having Gas Barrier Properties and Method Of Producing The Same patent, US-2011195144-A1: Age-tailored nutrition system for infants patent, US-2011301617-A1: System and Method for Immobilizing a Tick on a Host patent, US-2011305908-A1: Easily replaceable ceramic tile floor patent, US-2012009532-A1: Distributed combustion process and burner patent, US-2012061768-A1: Power amplifier patent, US-2012300600-A1: Thermally assisted magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording and reproducing device patent, US-2013104548-A1: Use of compositions comprising 1,1,1,2,3-pentafluoropropane and optionally z-1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluoro-2-butene in power cycles patent, US-2013217817-A1: Contacting part made of thermoplastic resin composition with reduced squeaking noises patent, US-2010170142-A1: Use of Proteins as Demulsifying Agents patent, US-2010317620-A1: N-PHENYLIMIDAZO[1,2-a]PYRIDINE-2-CARBOXAMIDE COMPOUNDS, PREPARATION AND THERAPEUTIC USE THEREOF patent, US-2011091672-A1: Biodegradable material and container for fluids patent, US-2011315481-A1: Centrifugally-operated apparatus patent, US-2012015525-A1: Method of cleaning a thin film forming apparatus, thin film forming method, and thin film forming apparatus patent, US-2012100457-A1: Catalyst support material comprising polyazole, electrochemical catalyst, and the preparation of a gas diffusion electrode and a membrane-electrode assembly therefrom patent, US-2012211772-A1: Array substrate, display apparatus having the same and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-3791048-A: Toy and teaching watch, particularly diver-watch patent, US-2012213801-A1: Phosphorylated Twist1 and cancer patent, US-2013222195-A1: Hybrid antennas for electronic devices patent, US-2015010919-A1: Polysiloxane Substrates with Highly-Tunable Elastic Modulus patent, US-2015047393-A1: Methods of manufacturing glass articles using anisothermal temperature profiles patent, US-2015055941-A1: Thermal storage device patent, US-2010276785-A1: Doping of semiconductor layer for improved efficiency of semiconductor structures patent, US-2011099627-A1: Computing platform patent, US-2012166421-A1: Systems and/or methods for user feedback driven dynamic query rewriting in complex event processing environments patent, US-2013099188-A1: Phase-change memory device having multi-level cell and a method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2013133745-A1: Incorporation of alkaline earth ions into alkali-containing glass surfaces to inhibit alkali egress patent, US-2013210634-A1: Novel esteramide compounds, methods for preparing same, and uses thereof patent, US-2014011188-A1: Methods for producing virus particles with simplified glycosylation of surface proteins patent, US-2014061425-A1: Display system patent, US-2010124572-A1: Magnetic microsphere and method of forming a microsphere patent, US-2010148127-A1: Method For Encapsulating An Electronic Arrangement patent, US-2010239788-A1: Optical film, retardation plate, elliptica polarizing plate, liquid crystal display device and compound patent, US-2010248933-A1: Fireproof ceramic mix, fireproof ceramic molded body formed of said mix and use thereof patent, US-2011014129-A1: Magnetic microstructures for magnetic resonance imaging patent, US-2011180878-A1: High Side Semiconductor Structure patent, US-2011233482-A1: Conductive powder patent, US-2011294655-A1: Method Of Manufacturing A Transition Metal Catalyzed Zeolite Body patent, US-2012211067-A1: Photoelectric conversion device patent, US-2012220110-A1: Semiconductor fabrication apparatuses to perform semiconductor etching and deposition processes and methods of forming semiconductor device using the same patent, US-2012299187-A1: Aluminum Bond Pad With Trench Thinning for Fine Pitch Ultra-Thick Aluminum Products patent, US-2013302796-A1: Devices And Methods For Enrichment And Alteration Of Circulating Tumor Cells And Other Particles patent, US-2010172999-A1: Polynuclear Microcapsules patent, US-2011149643-A1: Phase change memory apparatus having global bit line and method for driving the same patent, US-2011151567-A1: Recombinant Microorganism patent, US-2011200531-A1: Treatment and diagnosis of central nervous system disorders patent, US-2012230437-A1: Joint preamble and code rate identifier in a mobile dtv system patent, US-2012241873-A1: Semiconductor device patent, US-2013140633-A1: Edge termination for super junction mosfet devices patent, US-2013259103-A1: Digital delta sigma modulator and applications thereof patent, US-2015004200-A1: Aerosol Hairspray Product Comprising a Spraying Device patent, US-2011265844-A1: Photovoltaic module, method for electrically connecting a plurality of photovoltaic cells, and device for electrically connecting a plurality of photovoltaic cells patent, US-2012004016-A1: Filtering circuit with coupled baw resonators and having impedance matching adaptation patent, US-2012204058-A1: Method and Device for Backing up User Information patent, US-2013043587-A1: Package-on-package structures patent, US-2013062283-A1: Device for regulating at least one filtration value, haemodialysis machine and corresponding method and use patent, US-2014131005-A1: Temperature control system for electrostatic chucks and electrostatic chuck for same patent, US-2010145713-A1: Adding additional data to encoded bit streams patent, US-2010233434-A1: Patterning of ionic polymers patent, US-2010265357-A1: Generation of simulated long exposure images in response to multiple short exposures patent, US-2011084274-A1: METHOD OF MANUFACTURING P-TYPE ZnO SEMICONDUCTOR LAYER USING ATOMIC LAYER DEPOSITION AND THIN FILM TRANSISTOR INCLUDING THE P-TYPE ZnO SEMICONDUCTOR LAYER patent, US-2011154136-A1: Information processing apparatus, method for controlling information processing apparatus, and storage medium patent, US-2011207968-A1: Process for preparing 4-isopropylcyclohexylmethanol patent, US-2011213991-A1: Processor core communication in multi-core processor patent, US-2012091532-A1: Semiconductor Devices Including Buried-Channel-Arrray Transistors patent, US-2015022495-A1: Multi-Sensor Chip patent, US-2011223290-A1: Ice Cream Cone Stabilizer and Method patent, US-2014283686-A1: Vane Electrostatic Precipitator patent, US-2012043634-A1: Method of manufacturing microlens array, method of manufacturing solid-state image sensor, and solid-state image sensor patent, US-2012322177-A1: Method of integrating slotted waveguide into cmos process patent, US-2012327364-A1: Heat-curable epoxy functional composition and transparent heat-cured caustic-resistant hard-coatings prepared therefrom patent, US-2011001858-A1: Imaging apparatus patent, US-2011009346-A1: Methods and compositions for increasing the anaerobic working capacity in tissues patent, US-2011015431-A1: Processes for Production of 2-Bromo-2,2-Difluoroethanol and 2-(Alkylcarbonyloxy)-1,1-Difluoroethanesulfonic Acid Salt patent, US-2011305537-A1: Processing machine patent, US-2011054056-A1: Thermoset polyurethanes patent, US-2011285017-A1: Method for producing an optoelectronic device and optoelectronic device patent, US-2011295889-A1: Email system providing enhanced conversation and category search features and related methods patent, US-2010319628-A1: Micro layering pest control system patent, US-2010326135-A1: Diamond material patent, US-2011214312-A1: Foldable footwear patent, US-2010190623-A1: Adjustable chair for accommodating multiple body positions and methods of use thereof patent, US-2013273216-A1: Kit for preparing a snack patent, US-2012012906-A1: Si-Ge-Si SEMICONDUCTOR STRUCTURE HAVING DOUBLE GRADED JUNCTIONS AND METHOD FOR FORMING THE SAME patent, US-2011082437-A1: System and Method For Active Cooling of Stored Blood Products patent, US-2011231593-A1: Virtual address cache memory, processor and multiprocessor patent, US-2010107393-A1: Tool for the connection of tubes by means of connection sleeves patent, US-2014075996-A1: Thermo-mechanical reforming method and system and mechanical reforming tool patent, US-2010318425-A1: System and method for providing a personalized shopping assistant for online computer users patent, US-2011038925-A1: Intravenous formulations of neurokinin-1 antagonists patent, US-2011161133-A1: Planning and Performing Drilling Operations patent, US-2013025443-A1: Protection grid for hatch patent, US-2011096503-A1: Utilization of Data Center Waste Heat for Heat Driven Engine patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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